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Have you accepted green living into your life? 


Smart Solar Townhomes

We provide Smart Solar Structures worldwide

Ten Long-Term Benefits of Bright Titan


1. Skylights your home

2. Proven Strength – your building will endure the strongest winds and hail. 

3. 40% more power  from the same panel

4. 2X  your roofs solar power potential

5. Costs less to build

6. Architecturally beautiful - spaces that will make you proud

7. Reduces or eliminates utility bills 

8. Versatility: used for a wide variety of applications

9. Builds fast 

10. And much much more…. 

Solar Installers You Can Trust

Dutch Quality:  The world leader in glass building design assures you will have a reliable and worry free performance

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 The efficiencies of Venlo style construction creates cost advantages capable to deliver your project the free power of the sun.  

About Us


Bright is for smart innovation!


Bright Titan is intelligent. We have developed a solar roof system which is beautiful, produces more power and is more economic to construct. While solar roof systems exist, the vast majority are static mounts. Tracking the sun will produce 40% more energy. The best part is the whole solution can provide substantially more energy from the same roof. We thermal cool which can double the life of the PV panels to 50 years. Other efficiencies are found with insulated solar mounts that allow both daylight and insulation envelopes. The passive solar systems provide free heat and keeps your home comfortable and stable. 


Titan is for strong!

Metal roofs are less costly and outlasts shingles!  The solar panels are not  retro fits; they are part of the building, and have smart controls to protect against wind, and provide insulation and natural  light as desired. While utility prices have been steadily increasing, the cost of solar panel installation has dropped by more  than 60 percent over the last 10 years. 


It simply costs less

The entire Bright Titan solution is the best value on the market. Eliminate your utility bills, receive tax benefits and lower the cost of your project! Sound to good to be true? See and believe. Contact us to learn more!

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Mission Statement

The Bright Titan Mission is to deliver you the best performing solar structures with the highest quality standards with best in class economics on time and on budget

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